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The purpose of a Bearing Block is to position objects as accurately as possible along a single axis. The two main parts to the Bearing Block include a rail and a carriage. The rail of the Bearing Block is the stationary base in which the carriage slides along through rollers or bearings in order to minimize rolling friction and maximize efficiency. There are different types of Bearing Block fit for different industries and applications. For example, ball-bearing linear slides are typical for lighter duty and self-lubricating applications while the dovetail Bearing Block is used for heavier loads. The Bearing Block is ideal for a wide variety of industrial type applications. These Bearing Block applications include CNC, laser machining, drilling machines, grinding machines, material handling equipment, industrial robots, medical and optical equipment and many more. The Bearing Block provides applications a smooth, fast and accurate positioning due to low friction. A Bearing Block also provides the benefits of project cost reduction. The low coefficient of friction that Bearing Block products offer allows users to downsize to smaller drives and motors.
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